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Advantages of Foreign Capital in Brazil

Foreign Capital: The Benefits of Investment

The application of foreign capital in Brazil generates several benefits for the country. The process of nationalization of companies generates more jobs for the Brazilian population, also generating more income and more development, improving the country’s financial situation.

Understanding what foreign capital is

When goods enter the country to be sold and go through the nationalization process, taxes and duties are assigned. In the case of foreign capital, it is different because it is directly linked to the productive activity, that is, the product or equipment that enters the country will not be sold but will be destined for the production of new products.

Thus, foreign capital occurs when there is an investment by an individual or legal entity from outside the country. This investment may come in the form of machinery and equipment, or even in cash for the production of goods and services in the national territory, and the entry of this resource must be registered with the Central Bank of Brazil.

Brazil has signed several bilateral agreements to
protect foreign investments

The main benefits of investing in Brazil

In addition to the large extension of natural resources, Brazil also benefits investors with a large domestic market and a strategic location. Foreign capital also has the competitive advantages and opportunities that the market brings: diversified economy, international exchanges, export sectors, in addition to the excellent opportunities provided by the weakening of the real exchange rate.

A crucial factor that has been drawing the attention of foreign capital is that, as an emerging market, Brazil has diversified opportunities and this becomes more remarkable when compared to common markets.

Conmax is a specialist in Foreign Capital Consulting

Conmax has been operating for over 30 years in the market, being a leader in corporate accounting solutions and specialized in Consulting in Foreign Capital and in the process of “nationalization” of foreign companies and individuals who wish to participate in the capital of national companies.

In order for the company to have the best results in its legal operation, we take care of their registration with the Central Bank of Brazil and with the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service, in addition to the preparation and other procedures of the Brazilian company, in the various bodies.

Conmax is also responsible for all registration of foreign exchange transactions of these companies in SISBACEN – System of the Central Bank of Brazil.

Do you want to be part of the Brazilian capital? Click here and discover Conmax’s Foreign Capital Consulting!

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