15 de June de 2021

HR is one of the Areas most Recruited by Companies

Reading time: 02 minutes All the changes brought about by social isolation are already being considered by some specialists and scholars as the New Industrial Revolution. An area that has […]
14 de June de 2021

5 Skills that Boost Resilience in Adverse Times

Reading time: 03 minutes As much as technology has been present in the pandemic’s daily life, specialists defend that only certain exclusively human competences can get us out of the […]
11 de June de 2021

Self-Discipline is the Key

Reading time: 04 minutes Allowing an awareness focused on self-discipline is investing in yourself. Skill becomes a habit, which in itself influences the opening so that new skills can be […]
8 de June de 2021

Tax Address and its Benefits

Reading time: 03 minutes When starting the process of opening a company, it is necessary to prove its existence. The Tax Address creation procedure (also known as Tax Domicile) is […]