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Conmax has concrete solutions for its corporate reorganization. The procedure involves 4 (four) operations: transformation, merger, merger and spin-off. By means of the aforementioned transactions, legal entities change in type of company, join or divide themselves, aiming at the partners to provide the respective company with a profile more suited to the achievement of its corporate purpose. Succession planning of companies and partners. Inheritance planning allows the transfer of assets, maintaining absolute control over the management, choosing the structuring of succession for the benefit of the heirs. Economically, this option allows for the reduction of costs generated by a judicial inventory, in which payments of taxes and judicial costs are made. The assets of the partners can be paid into family companies (Family Holding), allowing the inclusion of the heirs as partners. This procedure avoids the opening of an inventory in case of death of the manager of the family business. Conmax's expertise has ensured success in the procedures for over 20 years and customer satisfaction is the result of the excellent work.

This service is ideal for:
• Opening of companies,
• Contractual changes (ADDITIVES),
• Closing of companies;
• Elaboration of contracts, minutes for LTDA, S / A, S / S, SPE;
• Transformation from individual to limited company and vice versa;
• Regularization of companies with the competent regulatory bodies;
• Obtaining federal, state, municipal, social security, bankruptcy and bankruptcy certificates and others;
• Elaboration of process for installment payment of debts in Public, Federal, State and Municipal Offices;
• Elaboration and archiving of Social Contract;
• Additives and Consolidated Contract;
• Registration, alteration and reduction of records with the Federal Revenue, Sefaz and Sefin;
• Issuance of Operating and Sanitary Permits;

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