14 de May de 2021

10 Movies About Finance

Reading time: 07 minutes The world of finance offers a multitude of approaches and concepts, combining theory with practice is undoubtedly an excellent way to add knowledge. Whether inspired by […]
12 de May de 2021

Corporate Restructuring: The importance for the development of your Business

Reading time: 10 minutes A restructuring will always be accompanied by a strategy, as it is a process planned to readjust the processes of a company, which aims to achieve […]
3 de May de 2021

Foreign Capital Consulting

Foreign Capital is responsible for the “nationalization” of foreign companies and individuals who wish to participate in the capital of national companies. For example, if a multinational company based in […]
3 de May de 2021

How to identify your Core Business?

All companies aim for success and their financial growth. In line with this, many companies define their goals, outline their strategies and seek to offer their products / services with […]