27 de June de 2022
Financial advisory service. (Source - Freepik)

Doesn’t your company have a financial consultancy? This article is going to teach you on why you need it.

Organizing finances is essential to achieving goals. Whether natural or legal, both need strategies to develop. Financial consulting consists of evaluating the finances of companies and pointing out strategies to […]
27 de June de 2022
Candidate delivering documentation to the personnel department. (source - Freepik)

Why should I care about my company’s personnel department

The personnel department (DP) takes care of managing the relationships between the company and its employees. There are dozens of labor agreements, which are negotiated and changed every year, and […]
29 de June de 2022
Person applying Valuation. (Source img - Freepik)

Get to know Valuation and how it can positively impact your company

Translated into Portuguese, Valuation means ”company valuation”. This service is responsible for estimating the real value of your business. But you must be wondering what this type of service will […]
28 de June de 2022
Person providing financial advice. ( Source: Freepik)

Find out why your company should hire a financial consultancy

Faced with a competitive market full of ups and downs, ensuring the growth of your business becomes a highly challenging task. A financial consultancy contributes significantly to the management and […]
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