21 de December de 2021

What is the best tax regime for your business

Reading time: 03 minutes Right at the beginning of the year, companies should opt for the framework that is most compatible with their reality,important decision and that may result in […]
15 de December de 2021

4 lies they tell you about hiring an accounting firm

In the corporate environment, accounting is essential for the success of every business. The reason for this is that hiring an accounting firm guarantees several benefits and competitive advantages for […]
8 de December de 2021

5 tips for your company to have a high performance team in 2022

A high-performance team helps your company to achieve goals and objectives faster, ensuring increased productivity and, therefore, the best results. But for that to happen, it is necessary to develop […]
10 de December de 2021

4 reasons for your company to be environmentally responsible

Reading time: 02 minutes Toda empresa, não importa o tamanho ou a área de atuação, pode e deve contribuir para minimizar os danos A company, no matter its size or […]
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