25 de August de 2021

Top 5 Team Leadership Practices

Leadership practices are essential for efficient team management. If your team is unmotivated, this leads to a drop in productivity and higher employee turnover. To help you get around this […]
17 de August de 2021

Legalization and Planning Contribute to Success

Reading time: 05 minutes Entrepreneurship arises from the need or vision to seize a business opportunity. Regardless of the situation, the business has the potential to prosper if it starts […]
11 de August de 2021

Advantages of Foreign Capital in Brazil

Foreign Capital: The Benefits of Investment The application of foreign capital in Brazil generates several benefits for the country. The process of nationalization of companies generates more jobs for the […]
3 de August de 2021

5 Ways to not go Wrong in Cross-selling and Upselling

Reading time: 02 minutes If acquiring new customers costs more than keeping current ones, selling more to them can be a great strategy to increase your revenue. 1) Know the […]
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