Nationalize your company to participate in the Brazilian capital

This department is responsible for the "nationalization" of foreign companies and individuals wishing to participate in the capital of domestic companies. In order to do this, it takes care of the records of the same in the Central Bank of Brazil and the Federal Revenue of Brazil, besides the elaboration and other procedures of the Brazilian company, in the various organs. It is also responsible for all the registration of foreign exchange transactions of these companies in SISBACEN - Sistema do Banco Central do Brasil.

This service is ideal for:
• Support for tax issues involving international transactions;
• Planning of dividend distribution or capital reduction for non-resident investors in Brazil;
• Support for mergers, spin-offs and mergers, aimed at buying and selling companies, involving foreign investors;
• Assistance with the registration with the Central Bank of foreign capital via direct investment in currency or assets, royaltiese international loans;
• Fiscal due diligence and assembly of the purchase operation of a company;
• Tax consultancy applicable to foreign capital, considering international treaties signed by Brazil to avoid double taxation on your company;

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