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Why should I care about my company’s personnel department

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The personnel department (DP) takes care of managing the relationships between the company and its employees. There are dozens of labor agreements, which are negotiated and changed every year, and the personnel department sector always needs to be up to date.

In short, the role of the DP is to ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations, considering the rights and duties of both parties involved: company and employees.

We have prepared a list of the main functions of the personnel department.

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1. Employee admission

The responsibility for the recruitment and selection process lies with the Human Resources department. The personnel department sector is responsible for collecting the necessary documents, registering the professional with the labor bodies and taking care of the signature of the Work Card.

2. Staff compensation

Attendance control, payment of salaries and benefits, payment of fees, taxes and contributions are functions of the personnel department sector. From the entry of new employees in the company, the control of the flow of work frequency, preparation of the payroll , control of benefits and tax calculations that are the guaranteed rights of the worker.

3. Dismissal of employees

The personnel department, as mentioned earlier, needs to be aware of the rules of the dismissal process . From resignation, labor agreement or dismissal for just cause. All this work of writing contractual termination documents, filing worker information and documents, calculating the labor settlement is necessary to ensure that the company does not have to worry about labor lawsuits filed for undue payments on contractual termination.

The importance of the personnel department for your company

In view of everything we have mentioned and explained about the functions of the personnel department, you must have already measured the great importance of this sector for your company. Ensuring labor laws is one of the most important points in this area. Your company can suffer serious consequences if it fails to fulfill its duties. If you don’t want to worry about these bureaucratic issues and focus on growing your business, it’s worth thinking about hiring an outsourced service and getting rid of that worry.

Conmax Soluções Corporativas manages its personnel department safely and reliably!

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If you’re having trouble managing your company’s personnel department, don’t waste time and talk to our customer service now. Be another company positively impacted by our service.

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