23 de February de 2022

Business Management: 4 things your business needs to be more strategically and financially effective

The corporate world is competitive and full of challenges, so every strategic action can be the difference between your company’s survival and the beginning of its decline. To be strategic […]
18 de February de 2022

4 financial and accounting indicators that every manager should pay attention to

If you are the manager of a company or even a sector, you must always be aware of strategic information that can make the business more efficient, competitive and productive. […]
7 de February de 2022

Sales channels: Between customer demands and strategy

Reading time: 8 minutes Multichannel operations require in-depth analysis of consumer profiles and a lot of planning to deliver experiences personalized, compatible with the buyer’s journey. From physical establishments to […]
14 de February de 2022

5 HR Trends for 2022

Reading time: 10 minutes With the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, many companies sought adaptation in the face of the new required scenario, and measures to contain the […]
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