27 de May de 2021

Gamification in Companies: Games that generate Results!

Reading time: 08 minutes Searching for new techniques to engage the work team can seem like a big challenge. The task requires knowing in a general way the entire Company […]
19 de May de 2021

How does Esocial work?

Reading time: 06 minutes Every HR professional knows that the routine of ancillary obligations in the labor area consumes precious time. Knowing this, and with a view to increasing the […]
14 de May de 2021

10 Movies About Finance

Reading time: 07 minutes The world of finance offers a multitude of approaches and concepts, combining theory with practice is undoubtedly an excellent way to add knowledge. Whether inspired by […]
12 de May de 2021

Corporate Restructuring: The importance for the development of your Business

Reading time: 10 minutes A restructuring will always be accompanied by a strategy, as it is a process planned to readjust the processes of a company, which aims to achieve […]
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