7 de February de 2022

5 Reasons to write a job description for your company

Reading time: 2 minutes Strategic, the preparation of the document must consider the corporate culture. 01) Supports recruitment and selection: A good job description makes the advertising of vacancies accurate, […]
7 de January de 2022

Five Tips to Avoid Shortages of Money

Reading time: 03 minutes Logo no início do ano as empresas devem optar pelo enquadramento mais compatível com a sua realidade, Remember that your financial re-education must happen as soon […]
21 de December de 2021

What is the best tax regime for your business

Reading time: 03 minutes Right at the beginning of the year, companies should opt for the framework that is most compatible with their reality,important decision and that may result in […]
10 de December de 2021

4 reasons for your company to be environmentally responsible

Reading time: 02 minutes Toda empresa, não importa o tamanho ou a área de atuação, pode e deve contribuir para minimizar os danos A company, no matter its size or […]
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