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Employer Branding: Build and maintain a Positive Image of Your Company

Employer Branding (or Employer Branding ) is the process of managing and influencing your reputation as an employer among job seekers, employees, and other stakeholders.

The Employer Branding encompasses everything that you do to position your brand, in simplest terms, is that candidates for vacancies in your company really think about the Organization. It’s what employees tell their friends and family about the company when you’re not around. Although not tangible, your Employer Branding is an asset that requires constant cultivation. So it is considered as a strategy for the construction and maintenance of the positive image d and your company.

Why is Employer Branding important?

Your image as an employer exists in the minds of candidates and employees, and is shaped by thoughts and impressions. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that you will always have a reputation as an employer, whether you actively manage it or not.

Like your employees, and all those who visit your Company , they have opinions about your Organization , and if you are not working for that opinion to be positive, you are subject to bad comments.

Think of the totality of your company’s talent recruitment and retention efforts as a series of one-on-one interactions. Each touchpoint leaves an impression with candidates and employees, who shape your Employer Branding and your ability to hire and retain your best people.

The lack of Employer Branding management causes employees to be dissatisfied with their work, resulting in a drop in productivity and loss of talent.

The Importance of Employer Branding for Sales

For starters, the entire market knows that happier and more satisfied employees have more incentive to deliver their best. A strong and positive Employer Branding also reaches potential customers, showing that your company has good values. Good Employer Branding enhances even the market value of its E ompany.

5 Tips for Successful Branding Employer

1. Understand your Employer Branding

What is your company’s reputation? To market your Employer Branding to the team, you need to know exactly the strengths to drive engagement. Ask this question to your employees, analyze the indicators. Planning is ideal to ensure the success of your strategy.

2. Define your Employer Branding and publicize it

An employer branding project must be built on the Organization’s strategic pillars . You must communicate your proposal to employees clearly and periodically about what the Company has to offer. Perform competitions with the team, bonifique, facilitates communication and n tre Employees – Company.

3. Create content about your Employer Branding

A good Employer Branding is something worth sharing, so create content about it. Write blogs about your company’s culture, share it on social media and use it in your marketing emails.

4. Use Employer Branding in Recruiting

A quality Employer Branding attracts the best candidates in the market to your job openings. Publicize the benefits of working for your company and highlight everything that makes it a great place to work.

Just as consumers now do a lot of research on their own before making a purchase decision, so do job seekers.

5. Apply Employer Branding in training

When teaching new employees about their work, leverage and apply Employer Branding. From benefit programs, to your expectations around work-life balance. Be as clear as possible, so you will be able to more easily incorporate the new employee into your organization and make him or her proud of part of your team.

Invest in policies and practices that bring a positive brand image, and when your company is recognized as a great place to work, spread the word. You have a lot to gain from strong Employer Branding.

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