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5 Ways to not go Wrong in Cross-selling and Upselling

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If acquiring new customers costs more than keeping current ones, selling more to them can be a great strategy to increase your revenue.

1) Know the Difference

While in cross-selling (or cross-selling) the customer is encouraged to purchase items that are complementary to what he is buying, in upselling he is presented with a product with more attractiveness – and, therefore, more expensive. In the sale of a cell phone, for example, cross-selling would also be offering a portable charger or a protective cover, and uselling would be offering a newer model or one with more memory..

2) Know the Customer

Listen carefully to your customer—asking them about unclear points whenever they need it—so you know what their needs, expectations, and priorities are. Only then will you know whether to make a complementary offer for him and what to offer.

3) Have discretion

For them to work and increase their income, these techniques need to solve the customer’s problems and respect their real needs. The suggestion should be made naturally and limited to a few products that have an affinity and a price compatible with what was initially sought.

4) Sale Value

Consumers need to make sense of your offer so that they spend more. Therefore, you need to help him realize the benefits he will have when purchasing the additional or more expensive item. If you are focused on customer satisfaction, you will have no difficulty in providing them with a more complete shopping experience.

5) Train the Team

Sensitivity to differentiate the customer with potential for further acquisitions from the one whose limitations must be respected can be developed with adequate training. And, in this sense, training the team is an investment with a guaranteed return.

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