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Signs Your Business Needs an Accountant

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Having the help of an accountant within the company is always important, but there are times when hiring them is essential. Being an entrepreneur and setting up a company is not always easy. Setting up the business, creating a financial plan, making proper use of resources, dealing with bureaucratic issues and dealing with fees and taxes are some of the issues to consider, especially accounting.

When the Entrepreneur does not have accounting knowledge, has questions about taxes, or if he will hire employees? These are some of the signs that indicate the need to hire an accounting professional. Want to know more? Check out!

Low Profits

In your company, sales are increasing, but you are not receiving the profits you expected?
This is a warning sign that there is a problem with the balance between earnings and expenditures. An accountant will analyze the financial situation and apply the necessary adjustments to increase the profit margin and make a positive cash profit.

Business Growth

Is your business running well? When the business grows, there are changes that require the action of professionals. Closing alliances with new suppliers, hiring additional employees with fixed or temporary contracts, increasing the value of fees, modifying the cash flow, changing the tax regime are some of the situations that deserve special attention.

Little Knowledge about Accounting

Brazil is a country with a complex tax scheme. It is not easy to understand the regime that governs each company, how the payment of fees and taxes works and what are the best ways to organize finances.

If you know nothing about taxes and none of your employees have accounting experience, you need to hire an accountant to avoid problems with federal and state agencies and debt that could put your business at risk.

With more than 30 years of experience, Conmax is a reference in the processes of Opening Companies and in the Processes of Auditing and Consulting, which integrates the Accounting, Fiscal and Financial activities.

The Conmax Team is ready to help you, talk to us!

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