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Can transport vouchers be paid in cash? Understand about the subject

Transporte coletivo e trabalhadores. (Fonte Freepik)

The transportation voucher is an indispensable item to ensure the employee’s locomotion to their workplace. It can be used in urban public public transport or intermunicipal and interstate.

However, the great doubt of the employees revolves around the possibility of the benefit being paid in cash! Would you like more information on the subject? So check out the full content.

After all, can the transportation voucher be paid in cash?

Provisional measure 280/2006 allowed , as of 02.01.2006, the payment of the benefit in cash, with the cumulative concession with the transport voucher. However, the MP mentioned above was converted into Law 11.311/2006, which vetoed the amendment of Art. 4 of Law 7.418/85, maintaining the prohibition of the granting of The VT in cash.

Thus, Article 110 of Decree 10.854/2021 established that the employer is noded to replace the VT in advance in cash or any other form of payment, except in case of lack of stock by suppliers.

In summary, the law remains prohibited to replace the transportation voucher in advance in cash or other form of payment, except:

● If there is operational unavailability of the operating company;

● Lack or insufficiency of transportation voucher stock (from suppliers), necessary to meet demand and the operation of the system, pursuant to § single of Art. 110 of Decree 10,854/2021.

In the cases mentioned above, the employee may be reimbursed by the employer, on the immediate payroll, of the corresponding portion, when he has withdrawn from his own pocket the travel expense.

It is noteworthy that if there is a provision in an agreement or collective bargaining agreement, the employee may receive the benefit in cash, making the amount paid monthly on the payroll. However, the respective amounts are not for wage purposes, nor are they incorporated into remuneration for any purpose.

Attention! Domestic employees have exception

The domestic employer may grant, at his discretion and upon receipt, the amounts for the acquisition of the necessary tickets to the cost of the expenses arising from the displacement of residence-work and vice versa. Even if it is granted in kind, this amount is not of a salary nature and does not incorporate itself into the salary.

Source: Labor Guide

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