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INSS: Find out which diseases entitle you to retirement

Disability retirement is a benefit granted to workers who have been unable to perform work activities. The benefit is only granted after evaluation and proof by the medical expertise of the INSS (National Institute of Social Security). To find out which diseases entitle you to disability retirement, check out the full content.


Who is entitled disability retirement?

Every worker who is unable to perform his work activity due to illness or accident, is entitled to disability retirement. However, you must meet some requirements to be entitled to the benefit. They are:

● Lack of at least 12 monthly contributions to the INSS. There may be exceptions that will be assessed by the body’s expertise;

● Prove, through expertise, that an illness or accident has made the person permanently unable to perform his/her work;

● The worker must be contributing at the time of the cause of disability.

Disability retirement benefit amount

Disability retirement holders are entitled to the benefit from 1 minimum wage. For 2023, the amount authorized by the Provisional Measure signed by the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, will change the amount to R $ 1.302.

Diseases that entitle retirement disability

Some diseases considered serious, contagious or incurable are not necessary to meet the shortage. Check out what are:

–          Leprosy;

–          Blindness;

–          Active tuberculosis;

–          Severe mental disorder;

–          Parkinson’s disease;

–          Severe heart disease;

–          Malignant neoplasia (cancer);

–          Severe nephropathy;

–          Severe liver disease;

–          Multiple sclerosis;

–          Irreversible and disabling paralysis;

–          Ankylosing spondylitis;

–          Advanced state of Paget’s disease (deforming osteitis);

–          Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS);

–          Radiation contamination, based on completion of specialized medicine;

–          Stroke (acute);

–          Surgical acute abdomen.

Documents required to apply for retirement

To enter retirement, it is necessary to present several documents. Check:

● Photo ID;

● CPF;

● Work card;

● Proof of residence;

CNIS extract;


● Optional or individual contribution carnês;

● Medical reports;

● Exams;

● Attested;

● Medical statements;

● Prescriptions.

Thus, workers who are going to file a permanent disability pension application must present documents that inform the disability reported at an INSS headquarters in their municipality.

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