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14 de June de 2021
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HR is one of the Areas most Recruited by Companies

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All the changes brought about by social isolation are already being considered by some specialists and scholars as the New Industrial Revolution. An area that has already evolved and gained an even more important performance role within companies is the Human Resources sector.

Its newest version, 4.0, is implementing a new organizational culture within companies. The sector has always been taxed as a bureaucratic part of the company, but today the work in the area goes much further.

People management streamlines recruitment and selection, retains talent and brings in candidates who are more aligned with the company’s culture, in addition to providing training and promoting diversity within organizations, always aligning its values. According to a LinkedIn survey from 2020, 70% of professionals interviewed said that online recruitment will be the new standard after the pandemic. This is because, as in other sectors, digitization in Human Resources makes the team more strategic, reduces costs and facilitates decision-making.

According to data from Novo CAGED (General Register of Employed and Unemployed), the sector of administrative services and people management, just last year opened 4,000 new positions.

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