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5 Skills that Boost Resilience in Adverse Times

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As much as technology has been present in the pandemic’s daily life, specialists defend that only certain exclusively human competences can get us out of the crisis.

1. Acceptance of Vulnerability

Planning and predictability are important, but their dependence can paralyze you in the face of unforeseen events. Admitting that you never have control over everything creates the flexibility to be bold in facing the imponderable.

2. Creativity

Although technology has facilitated the mapping of coronavirus DNA, it was human ingenuity that formulated the vaccines. Without the ability to think about different outcomes, there is no innovation.

3. Transformation

The openness to change course when the current doesn’t lead to the desired destination leads you to experiment with possibilities and learn from mistakes.

The experience of learning as a process feeds back resilience, self-confidence and flexibility. This skill is indispensable for companies to adapt to market needs brought about by the current health, economic and climate crisis.

4. Sensitivity

As good as algorithms are at analyzing behavior, they still fail to provide answers on an emotional level.

Empathy, understanding and negotiation are inherently human skills. And it must be remembered that the intricate network of consumers, suppliers and employees that enables a company to function is made up of people.

5. Collaboration

It was the exchange of information between the scientific community around the world that allowed the development of several vaccines against Covid-19 in record time.

This is just one example of the importance of companies working together with others, in collaboration with each other.

Source: Contas em Revista [June and July 2021 Edition]

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