HR: 5 signs your company is wrong in recruiting professionals
18 de April de 2022
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The recruitment and selection process must be an assertive process . Many companies are not able to execute this recruitment well and end up ‘pulling candidates . Selecting true professionals is always a great challenge for human resources (HRH), as the market is increasingly competitive. However, there are some errors that prevent the assertiveness of this process, such as: lack of planning and disorganization in the processes.

If your company has problems recruiting professionals , be sure to review the content specially prepared to help your company recruit correctly . We list 5 signs that your company is wrong to hire personas.


1.    Not explaining all the details of the vacancy

Companies that do not provide information such as: skills needed, place of work, hours, salary, exchange possibilities, among other information, can end up losing candidates with great potential. It is important that the information is clear. Therefore, it is possible to ”gain time” and locate a person capable of taking a vacancy and willing to provide services to your company.

2.  Not providing comments to candidates

Providing comments on the interview of candidates is a differentiator for some companies. If it is sent by electronic mail, called or even an sms , it is important to provide a return to the candidate with arguments that support the professional who seeks the company. With this attitude, you RRHH show empathy for the candidates and differentiate yourself in the market, since this practice is not common.

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3.  No realice pruebas

The recruitment and selection of professionals should not consist solely of an interview. It is necessary to verify the technical and behavioral skills of the candidates to verify their ability to face the tasks to be carried out. There are several tools, such as Solides, that analyze the behavior profile of professionals and that help in this stage of recruitment and selection.

4.  Make sure the candidate travels many times for the company

The excess of trips and avenues can make the candidate withdraw from the selection process . Too many transfers to the company before joining is something that attracts talent. If it is possible, prefer the virtual processes and optimize the selection.

5.  Lack of professional attitude of the recruiter.

The recruiter is the candidate’s first contact with the company. The professional you are recruiting needs to have a cordial attitude, he needs to know how to communicate, act and express himself , since this is the initial reference for the candidate.

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