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24 de November de 2021
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GPTW – Conmax is certified as one of the best companies to work for

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This November, Conmax Contabilidade received the GPTW certification, being recognized as Great Place to Work (Best Companies to Work for). It is considered a minimum score of 70 points required to receive certification, we are happy to report that we achieved the excellent score of 95 points!!!

  • What is GPTW?

Great Place to Work® is a global consultancy that supports organizations to achieve better results through a culture of trust, high performance and innovation. The mission is to build a better society, transforming each organization into a Great place to Work For All. Evaluating Companies since 1997, the consultancy has one of the largest benchmark databases in people management. It is currently distributed in over 109 countries and, in Brazil, in addition to the headquarters in São Paulo, it has business units in Baueri (SP), Ceará, Paraná, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul.

  •  The importance of the certificate

For a company to receive GPTW certification, it is necessary to build practices aimed at employee development, as well as a favorable infrastructure for a work environment and opportunities for growth, investing in ways to attract and retain talent, aggregating the best professionals on the market today.

  • An achievement for all contributors!

The idea of ​​enrolling in the GPTW Program was a way to show how much our team is engaged in demonstrating the willingness to work with Passion and Development, a proof that we are on the right path of an environment aligned with best practices, such as also assuring customers, the commitment and seriousness of the company.

Today, after 35 years of experience, Conmax remains a reference in the corporate accounting solutions market and specializes in Accounting Consulting. Headquartered in Fortaleza and São Paulo, but operating directly in several states in the country, we are sure to be adding value to new clients, helping them through corporate accounting to further develop their business. Focus on Core Business and leave your company’s tax planning with Conmax. Click here and discover our services.

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