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4 reasons for your company to be environmentally responsible

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Toda empresa, não importa o tamanho ou a área de atuação, pode e deve contribuir para minimizar os danos

A company, no matter its size or area of ​​operation, can and should contribute to minimizing damage
that your activity causes on the planet

  • By third party requirement

Some companies, regardless of size, are required by law to adopt good environmental practices. For others, the demand for sustainability comes from suppliers who have to ensure the own environmental compliance. It is already noted, also, some initiatives of public administrations in the sense of encourage more sustainable actions, such as making it easier to obtain credit or restricting participation in bids.

  •  By Economy

Reducing waste and reusing resources result in savings and can allow for adoption of more competitive prices. In addition, they encourage innovation, as the company must always be in search for new ways to balance the sustainability and profitability equation.

  • By reputation

Become dependent on its environmental responsibility, as it happened in relation to quality a few years ago.
years old.

  • For lack of choice

It’s so obvious, it shouldn’t even need to be said that the survival of the human species it depends on this awareness. And it is not worth saying that micro and small companies almost do not cause environmental impact. This may even be true in the individual sphere (and it is not always), but their collective action (they are 99% of the business in the country!) cannot be ignored. So, it’s up to each one to do their part.

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