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Economic indices: the data that impact your business

The economic situation of a country generates great impacts not only on citizens, but also on companies of all sizes. Therefore, it is extremely important that companies have the habit of following the main economic indexes in the country (and often abroad), since these indexes are directly reflected in the business. Do you want to know which economic indexes directly impact your company? Just keep reading below!

  • GDP – Gross Domestic Product

The GDP is an important economic index as it measures the country’s economic activity. It is through it that we know what is produced in agriculture, paid services, industry, products sold to the final consumer. It is an indicator widely used in macroeconomics, being a reflection of the country’s economic situation, as its decline can mean a crisis or recession, as when there is an upswing, there is also more money circulating in the country, increasing business opportunities, improving returns on investments and thus causing a growth in the country’s economy.

  • SELIC rate

The SELIC rate is the basic interest rate of the Brazilian economy and its target is determined monthly by the Monetary Policy Committee. It serves as a reference for banks to calculate the fees to be charged from customers, so its increase or decrease is reflected in the rise or fall of interest on financing, credit cards and loans. Investors in DI-Referenced Fixed Income Funds feel their changes directly.

  • Trade balance

The trade balance is an economic index that takes into account the relationship between the total imports and exports of a country during a given period. When the trade balance balance is positive, it indicates a trade surplus, that is, there is a greater amount of exports than imports in the country, otherwise, the results are considered deficits. Another situation is trade equilibrium, which occurs when both export and import values ​​are equal.

  •  INPCA

The Broad National Consumer Price Index is the economic index used to measure the variation in the cost of living in the Brazilian population. It is considered one of the main indicators, as it measures inflation in the country, revealing the variation in product prices to the detriment of the cost of living of families with monthly income of 1 to 40 minimum wages per month. When inflation is high, all sectors of the economy are harmed, as consumption is reduced. This information is extremely important for companies to be more cautious when investing.

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