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Growth prospects for the hotel sector

With the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictive measures, such as social distancing and the implementation of the lockdown, the hotel sector suffered great losses during the years 2020 and beginning of 2021. With vaccine applications gaining more and more strength, the hope of the total immunization of the Brazilian population is once again bringing better growth expectations for both tourism and the hotel sector, still in 2021. Learn more about the subject in the article below!

Hotel industry: growth expectations and realistic market data

As a result of the pandemic, hotels around the world were forced to close their doors and many of them even went bankrupt. Advances in vaccination are providing not only the reopening of these projects, but also bring great prospects for positive changes to this scenario.

The gradual reopening of hotels has met with high demand from customers. Thus, despite the fact that preventive measures that limit the operation of these establishments are still in force in some states, it is not difficult to see that the expectations of owners and even investors are extremely high for the second half of 2021 and the beginning of the year 2022.

These expectations are based on the behavior of the post-lockdown consumer, who is seeking to recover their lifestyle and generating more and more demands for the hotel sector.

According to the newsletter of the Forum of Hotel Operators in Brazil, the month of June 2021 recorded increases in all indicators analyzed. A large part of this increase refers to the hotel occupancy rate, which grew 334.2% compared to the same period of the previous year. Check the table below:


Large businessmen invest in the resumption of tourism and the growth of the hotel sector after the pandemic.

Data from the hotel sector have drawn the attention of large investors, who are betting on the advancement of vaccination and the boom in tourism in the post-pandemic period. Proof of this is the investment of major players, such as the Hard Rock Hotel Chain, for example, which has already inaugurated large projects in São Paulo, Fortaleza and has projects in Recife, Campos do Jordão and Jericoacoara, which should be delivered by the end of 2028.

Another large hotel chain that is already investing in the sector is Vila Galé, which has a large project in Alagoas scheduled to open in July 2022.

The project had an investment of R$ 150 million and should generate more than 600 direct jobs, according to the company’s website.

The development is located at Praia do Carro quebra, municipality of Barra de Santo António. It should offer a complete leisure infrastructure with restaurants, spas and water parks.

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