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Top 5 Team Leadership Practices

Leadership practices are essential for efficient team management. If your team is unmotivated, this leads to a drop in productivity and higher employee turnover. To help you get around this situation, we have separated 5 simple steps that you can apply today. Just keep reading below!

1 – Know how to delegate, challenge and trust your team

All corporate activities require specific knowledge and skills, so learn to trust your team’s capabilities and delegate responsibilities according to the levels of performance: senior, full and junior. Respect your team levels, but also be aware that nothing frustrates an employee more than stagnation. So learn to challenge your team to go further, so they can develop new skills.

2 – Transparency above all

One of the most important leadership practices for a company is transparency. Transparent management encourages a bond of trust between the team. In times of change, assemble your team and communicate with them personally. Encourage a culture of collectivity and they will feel more valued by the company. Also make clear the current financial reality of the business, so that your team knows the importance of achieving the established goals.

3 – Achievable goals, satisfactory results

A bad leadership practice is to assign unattainable goals to teams and expect them to excel. Managing people is knowing each person’s capabilities and knowing the reality of the business. So plan ambitious but not surreal goals. Understand business needs and monitor results closely. SMART methodology is a great leadership practice for goal setting. The central idea is that a good goal needs to be specific (Specific), measurable (Measurable), attainable (Attainable), relevant (Relevant) and temporal (Time based).

4 – Encourage a culture of feedback and know how to listen

A culture of feedback within the company reduces employee turnover and therefore reduces the company’s expenses with terminations and the like. Encourage the construction of ideas within your corporate environment, the professional can only grow with this and their management becomes even more efficient. In addition, be always open to listening to your team, clarifying doubts and listening to suggestions. This is a good leadership practice that generates great results for the business environment.

5 – The best leadership practice of all, balance!

A leader must be extremely careful and know how to balance his personal side with his professional side, establish evaluation criteria according to the performance of employees in carrying out delegated tasks, being impartial, that is, without favoring anyone. He must know the capacity of his team and its points of improvement and encourage the professional growth and maturation of his team.

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