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Coworking and tax address: understand how your company can benefit

If you’re starting your business and you’re worried about the initial investments needed, you’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs in Brazil start their business but are unable to profit due to bureaucracy, the high rent or purchase of the commercial point.

In the content below, we bring a solution for you entrepreneur who needs a pleasant environment and a good location paying much less.

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  • What is Coworking?
    Coworking is a shared physical space where companies share costs such as: light, rent, water and among other expenses. It is usually an option for those who are starting the business and start with a lower investment. One of the advantages of joining Coworking is that you can fully focus on your business, leaving aside a greater concern with many expenses.
  • Is Coworking a good option for my business?
    In most cases these environments are used by IT and communication businesses, professionals such as lawyers, architects, coaches, and designers. Make sure your team is first of all prepared for this model, so that productivity is not compromised.
  • Is coworking the same thing as a tax address?
    The tax address is one of the services offered at the coworking space. With a tax address in a good location you will have greater credibility in your company. It is the use of the office address for exclusively tax and formal purposes. Some advantages such as telephone service, receipt of correspondence and physical address, are exclusive services of the fiscal address. In coworking, in addition to the benefits of the tax address, you have the entire physical structure with private rooms, parking, internet, meeting and reception rooms.
  • Tax address benefits
  1. Business regularization
    For your company to be regularized in the market, it is necessary to have a CNPJ (National Registry of Legal Entities), and to have a CNPJ it is necessary to have a tax address to be able to generate your company’s documentation.

2. Reduction of bureaucracy
Renting or buying a commercial property can be a real loss. That’s why joining a tax address can be a good way out.

3. Cost reduction
Using a tax address also has advantages in terms of cost reduction, since in most cases renting a commercial location is much more expensive than renting a tax address.

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