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Should companies grant breaks in Brazil’s World Cup games?

The biggest football competition is coming! In November, another edition of the World Cup takes place. The event is organized by FIFA every 4 years and has around 3.2 billion spectators. This year the event takes place in Qatar, which has a population of 2.9 million, is one of the richest countries in the world because of its oil and gas exports.

The expectation is that the Brazilian team has a good performance. A major questioning of company employees is about the possibility of time off on game days in Brazil.

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What will be the days and games in Brazil?

Brazil will play its first game against Serbia on November 24 (Thursday) at 4 pm. The second game will be against Switzerland on November 28 (Monday) at 1 pm. Finally, Brazil faces the selection of Cameroon on December 2 (Friday) at 4 pm. If the selection passes the phase, the games will take place at 1 pm and 4 pm, during business hours. 

Source: DCI Journal

What do the laws on granting days off on match days in Brazil say?

According to the Consolidation of Labor Laws, companies are not required to release their employees on match days in Brazil. The decision on the matter is the sole responsibility of the company. In this way, companies and employees need to agree on the hours not worked, so that no one is harmed in this situation.

Types of agreements that can be made

  1. Decreased working hours

If the company decides to reduce the working day, it is necessary to make a collective agreement with the employees, in order to formalize whether or not there will be compensation for these hours later.

  1. Join the Home office

This solution is quite applicable! In this way, employees can watch the games at their homes and will still carry out the activities that need to be carried out with the convenience of ending the day at home.

  1. Provide slack

It is possible to check with the management of the companies regarding this possibility. If the decision is chosen, it must be notified days in advance and if there is a need for compensation, the dates must be informed and made official between employee and employer.

  1. Watch company games

If none of the above options is possible, it is feasible to offer a space in the company for employees to watch the games together! In this way, employees watch the games, but do not completely disconnect from work and remain at the company’s disposal without the need for a discount or compensation for hours.

In short, companies do not have the obligation to grant breaks in Brazil’s games in the World Cup! If the employee stops working without presenting the respective justification, he may be entitled to deductions from his salary.

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