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Conmax Accounting – 35 Years of Success

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35 years ago, Conmax Contabilidade was created, a company that offers corporate solutions, aiming to ensure a better vision of the future for its clients’ projects, thus ensuring continuous improvement and business success.

A story of growth

For 03 decades, Conmax Soluções Corporativas has ensured the loyalty of customers in various segments, thus ensuring mutual growth, check below a little of the most memorable moments in our history:

Year 1986 – Conmax’s trajectory began in the 80’s, in Terra do Sol, Fortaleza – Ceará. We entered the accounting market based in the Palácio do Progresso building, in the center of the capital.

Year 1999 – Seeking growth and excellence, we moved to Fortaleza. We left the Palácio do Progresso and settled in the heart of the city, in the Potenza Building, in the Aldeota region.

Year 2006 – At 20 years old, we changed our identity: we updated our logo, Conmax – Soluções Contábeis. A brand focused on transmitting confidence, competence and highlighting our achievements.

Year 2009 – Conmax Auditores Associados was created, a company specialized in Auditing and Due Diligence, seeking to effectively contribute to the management of its clients’ processes.

Year 2016 – At 30 years of age, we have achieved credibility and stability in the Accounting Market and also with our clients. It was time to prepare the ground for expanding horizons!

Year 2018 – Conmax São Paulo was born, with the objective of better serving our customers throughout the country. The Southeast base is located in the Capital Corporate Plaza, in the south of São Paulo.

Year 2021 – We reached 35 years old, maintaining the conviction of continuing to grow alongside our partners and collaborators

Conmax Accounting’s Differentials

With commitment and passion for what we do, always maintaining excellence in service, we continue on our way, working directly in several states of the country, we live with the certainty that we are adding value to new clients, helping them to develop even more through corporate accounting. your business.

In addition to currently having a team of 26 professionals, continuously trained and specialized in various areas of activity, and having obtained its certification by the SESCAP/ACTUALITY RJ Quality Program, Conmax Business Accounting still has the differential of being a partner and having in its client portfolio, several companies that invest in Brazil, for being specialized in consultancy and support to Foreign Capital.

Today, after 35 years of experience, Conmax is a reference in the processes of Starting a Business and in the Processes of Auditing and Consulting, which integrates the Accounting, Fiscal and Financial activities.

The Conmax Team thanks all Collaborators and Customers for their trust and successful partnership during these 35 years. May the spirit of Passion and Commitment be renewed for more years!

We are prepared to help you in your Business!

Meet Conmax!

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