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Business Management: 4 things your business needs to be more strategically and financially effective

The corporate world is competitive and full of challenges, so every strategic action can be the difference between your company’s survival and the beginning of its decline. To be strategic you need efficient business management and to help you with this mission, we have selected the 4 most important things for your company to keep an eye on in 2022.

Efficient enterprise risk management

Corporate Risk Management is essential for effective business management. It consists of a process of identifying and methodically addressing potential events that pose risks to the achievement of strategic objectives, or opportunities to gain competitive advantage.

The most common risks and how to avoid them

Financial risks: refer to risks directly related to money. They include financial consequences such as an increase in costs or a drop in revenue.

Strategic risks: These are risks that affect or are created by strategic business decisions.

Operational risks: These are risks that materially affect an organization.

Compliance risks: related to compliance with laws and regulations, that is, the legal responsibility of the company.

Cyber ​​risks: these are the risks related to cyber attacks and virtual fraud, with the role of technology in the threat.

Among the strategies to respond to these risks we have: prevention, risk reduction, alternative actions, risk sharing or insurance and risk acceptance.

Employer Branding Actions

Employer Branding (or employer branding) is the process of managing and influencing your reputation as an employer among job seekers, employees and other stakeholders. Employer Branding encompasses everything you do to position your company with a reputation for being a great employer. With actions of this type you reduce expenses with dismissal and hiring new employees.

Attention to accounting indexes

Accounting indexes are very important for business management because they are based on realistic company data, revealing the health of the business. Among the main accounting indexes we can mention: general and financial indebtedness index, profitability, immobilization of equity and assets, general liquidity, immediate liquidity, current liquidity and dry liquidity.

Carrying out Tax Planning

Tax Planning is the in-depth analysis of a company’s tax payment management and tax compliance. This study must be carried out so that business management can reduce its tax burden legally, that is, without breaking the law.

This study also makes it possible to recognize tax credits, in addition to offsetting taxes or even raising tax incentives. Tax Planning can be Strategic, Tactical, Operational or Corrective.

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