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5 tips for your 2022 Tax Planning

Tax Planning is the in-depth analysis of a company’s tax payments and tax compliance management. This study must be carried out so that the company can legally reduce its tax burden, that is, without breaking the law, in addition to making it possible to recognize tax credits, offset taxes or even raise tax incentives. Check out 5 tips for you to carry out your company’s Tax Planning for 2022!

  • Gather all the necessary information from your company

To carry out your company’s 2022 tax planning, you need to gather all the information necessary to carry out a tax analysis of your business, namely: gross revenue, expected revenue by the company, operating cost forecasts, profit margin and payroll payment of employees.

  • Know the right tax regime for your business

To execute your 2022 tax planning, it is essential that you know not only the operations that involve your business, but also the taxes that they entail, as well as the best tax regime for your company. Your business may fall under one of the following tax regimes: Simples Nacional, Presumed Profit, Real Profit and MEI. Each regime has its specific taxes and advantages.

  • Learn about tax taxation and pay attention to tax reform

It is important that your company is aware of the tax taxes that must be applied to your business, such as the Contribution for Social Security Financing (COFINS), Social Integration Program (PIS) and Public Servant Heritage Program (PASEP), Tax Corporate Income (IRPJ), Social Contribution on Net Income (CSLL), Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS), among other taxes.

Each tax has its rate and although the tax reform PEC is still in process, it is important to count on it as a variant for your tax planning.

  • Outsource services and reduce labor

By outsourcing services and labor, you reduce labor obligations and expenses with PIS and COFINS. In addition to saving on taxes and labor fees, outsourcing is a practice that can bring another benefit to your company: expertise! When you outsource the execution of a service to a company that operates in this specific field, you will have all the accumulated experience that the service provider has.

  • Enlist the help of an expert

Today, after 35 years of experience, Conmax remains a reference in the corporate accounting solutions market and specializes in Accounting Consulting. Headquartered in Fortaleza and São Paulo, but operating directly in several states across the country, we are sure to be adding value to new clients, helping them through corporate accounting to further develop their business. Focus on Core Business and leave your company’s tax planning with Conmax. Click here and get to know our services.

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