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5 Reasons to write a job description for your company

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Strategic, the preparation of the document must consider the corporate culture.

01) Supports recruitment and selection: A good job description makes the advertising of vacancies accurate, helps to attract candidates with a suitable profile and speeds up the screening of those who do not.
meet the required requirements.

02) Improves management: With the definition of what must be done, how, when, with whom and for whom, the employee has clear guidelines on the local hierarchy and on the performance that is expected of him. The manager, on the other hand, is clear about who should delegate the tasks, the bases for setting goals and the standards for the
performance evaluation.

03) Increases talent retention: The tool allows identifying the most qualified employees in their positions and also assists in structuring a job and salary plan that meets both the motivation and engagement of the professional as well as to the business strategy. And, as the employee knows what he has to do and the criteria to grow professionally since his admission, turnover decreases.

04) Facilitates integration and training: The document highlights the necessary skills and provides rich material for the initial training of new employees, who will find it easier to understand their role in the team.

05) Ensures legal compliance: The formal identification of attributions, competencies, duties, responsibilities simplifies the compliance with the Brazilian Classification of Occupations and avoids role deviations or salary differences between occupants of the same position, reducing labor liabilities

Fonte: Revista Conmax ( Fev/Mar 2022 )

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