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Understand what Real Profit is and how this tax regime works

Have you ever heard of Real Profit? Real Profit is a tax regime used by companies to calculate and pay the taxes due on their profits. It is a more accurate form of calculation, where taxes are calculated based on the actual net income obtained by the company during the fiscal period.

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What is Real Profit?

In Real Profit, the company needs to account for all revenues and expenses in detail, following accounting standards. This includes consideration of revenues, costs, operating expenses, depreciation, amortization, among other elements.

To calculate the tax due, the company applies the corresponding rates on the actual profit[1][2] . Here in Brazil, the main taxes levied on Real Profit are the Corporate Income Tax (IRPJ) and the Social Contribution on Net Income (CSLL).

It is worth noting that the real profit is mandatory for companies that have a turnover of more than R $ 78 million in the year. However, other companies may choose to adopt this requirement regime even without obligation, as long as they comply with the legal requirements to do so.

For the application of Real Profit, it is necessary a more detailed and complex accounting, because the company needs to maintain its records and financial controls in accordance with specific accounting standards. Thus, bookkeeping is essential for the correct calculation of taxes due.

Advantages of Real Profit

More detailed investigation

By using Real Profit, the company has the opportunity to calculate taxes based on its actual financial and accounting results, providing a more accurate calculation of taxes due.

Deduction of expenses

In Real Profit, it is possible to deduct various expenses and operating costs in the calculation of taxable profit, which can reduce the basis of calculation of income tax and CSLL. This includes financial expenses, depreciation, amortization, among others.

Compensation for losses

If the company presents tax losses, the Real Profit allows to compensate these losses with future profits, generating tax savings. This compensation may be made within the year itself or in future periods, according to current legislation.

Legal obligation

Some companies are required to adopt Real Profit regardless of your choice. This occurs in cases such as financial activities, protected, companies with annual revenues above a certain value, among other specific situations.

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