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How does OUTSOURCING work?

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The idea of ​​outsourcing is linked to the use of a type of service or personnel from outside the companies, in order to carry out activities that are not the main ones of the organization, but which can have a great impact on its operation and on the smooth running of its routines . This ends up being similar to what is called outsourcing in Brazil, except that outsourcing is something more focused and requires more specific expertise and technical knowledge.

Accounting outsourcing can happen when an accounting firm wants to expand its staff, optimize internal processes or need a professional with specific knowledge about some area of ​​accounting that is not dominated by the rest of the team. In this way, it is possible to add value to the team and expand the range of services offered to its customers.

Efficiency and security are at the heart of the decision to outsource to an accounting office. Therefore, this service can greatly improve your company’s monitoring and decision-making, improving your value and production chain. The services that managers take the most advantage of to outsource are, commonly, the management of payrolls, the posting of accounts payable and the control of accounts receivable.

Many entrepreneurs and managers have already understood that simplifying and standardizing certain processes in the company will make it better managed and competent, so that it can get better results.

In most scenarios, outsourcing is more worthwhile than setting up a new department within your accounting office. In the end, your company will save money and will be able to count on a permanent and very high quality service. You would have to bear the salaries and labor costs of the accountants who would be on your staff, in addition to dealing with each one’s vacation schedule and controlling a much larger internal team. Outsourcing provides cost savings, improves your analysis of the financial data of your clients and the office itself, streamlines HR processes and keeps you safe from tax, tax and legal problems related to accounting.

When you hire an accounting outsourcing service, the manager no longer needs to worry so much about the office’s secondary processes, he can only assess the launches and results of the business and also of his clients during each period.

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