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Meet the Pecém – The First Smart Chain City in Latin America

Designed to connect companies and businesses from around the world with innovative solutions and technologies, adding value and highlighting the competitiveness of the Brazilian economy.

With more than 20 million m² of private area, Polo Multimodal Pecém is strategically located in the logistics corridor of the Porto do Pecém region, in the municipality of São Gonçalo do Amarante, state of Ceará. It was designed within the most modern and strict criteria of infrastructure, technology, sustainability and governance, integrating industrial areas, shops, services, residences, utilities and rail and road accesses.

In the region, the state of Ceará stands out for its proximity to the markets of North America, Europe and Asia in terms of navigation time, policy of attracting investments and tax incentives, legal certainty, fiscal austerity, better rates of basic education, average and higher, low energy costs – with of clean and renewable matrix -, being one of the states that most invests in sustainable socioeconomic development.

Its strategic location makes it one of the largest tourist destinations in Brazil, with a total area of ​​more than 148 million km² and a vast coastline full of natural beauty. The state of Ceará consolidates itself as a hub of global relevance, with strategic location and management efficiency through the operations of the best players in the maritime, air and technological segments.

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Maritime: Porto do Pecém operates in conjunction with the Port of Rotterdam (Netherlands).

By air: Pinto Martins International Airport (Fortaleza, Ceará) is managed by Fraport Brasil, a subsidiary of Fraport AG (Germany).

Technological: In addition to the installation of modern datacenters, Fortaleza is one of the cities in the world with more cables submarines and a wide range of fiber optic networks.

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The state of Ceará is consolidated as a hub of global relevance and strategically located.

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The Model

The business model of Smart Chain City Polo Multimodal Pecém is innovative, being based on the real demand for
companies and businesses with the integration of infrastructures, services, mobility and security. This model generates economic, social and environmental impacts, also contributing to the organic and sustainable development of various economic activities that are incorporated into the Smart Chain City (stores, banks, hotels, schools, universities, entertainment, hospitals, restaurants, homes, etc).

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Intelligence center responsible for management, services and innovations aimed at operational and strategic support to companies and businesses installed at the Pecém Multimodal Complex.

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Access and integration of the main modes of transport (sea, road, rail and air) are an important attraction, as they contribute to greater speed, safety, optimization and efficiency in logistics processes and expand the possibilities of connection with Brazil and the world .

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Maritime: Porto do Pecém is considered one of the most efficient and sustainable Ports in Brazil due to its strategic position reinforced by the recent expansion of the Panama Canal, which allows reducing the time of maritime connection with Asian ports. Due to its privileged geography and modern infrastructure, the Port of Pecém has the capacity to receive the large container ships of the Post Panamax class.

Road: BR 222 is the most important logistical corridor in the state of Ceará, connecting the Pecém area to Fortaleza and the states in the northern region of the country. Its access to Highway BR 116 provides the connection with the states of the South and Southeast regions

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Railroad: The railroad crosses the entire Pecém Multimodal Pole, offering connections with other regions of the country. The structuring of railway branches for the loading and unloading of goods within the Pecém Multimodal Complex is also planned. The Transnordestina Railway, through logistics that unites high-performance rail, road and maritime modes, enables greater competitiveness in the flow of agricultural and mineral production in the region.

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Air: The Aerodrome project for the Multimodal Pole Pecém foresees its construction 20 km away from the Port of Pecém and 55 km from the International Airport of Fortaleza. In the first phase, the Polo Pecém Aerodrome will include a 1,800-meter airstrip and two helipads, integrating the region’s aerial logistics.

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For the development and execution of excellent services, Smart Chain City Polo Multimodal Pecém consolidated
the integration of various expertise, through a pool of partners with national and international recognition,
in their respective areas of expertise. Conmax is part of this Innovative Project!

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Polo Multimodal Pecém Partners.

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