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5 Accounting Mistakes Your Company Can’t Make

Undertaking is no easy task. Even when you have a lot of experience in the field, it takes a lot of waist play to deal with the challenges that appear in the day to day. One of these big challenges concerns something that requires a lot of care and caution: accounting..

Brazil is known worldwide for having one of the highest taxes on the planet. The Brazilian tax burden increased by approximately 33.9% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2021. That number is the highest achieved in the last 12 years.

These numbers are the same for all companies that do everything right. Now, if taxes are already high when you pay everything right, imagine when there are mistakes. In this case, the taxes will be even higher and may compromise the financial health of your company.

To prevent accounting errors from happening, we suggest reading this article.

1 – Mix finances of individuals and legal entities

Mixing financial inflows and outflows between individuals and legal entities impairs the monitoring of financial histories and organization of fixed expenses, variables and goals. That is, if the bill stays in the negative, the bills will not be paid and your entire business may go bankrupt.

Some tips to help:

● Set your salary (Pro-labore);

● Have separate accounts;

● Track every inflow and outflow of money.

2 – Do not analyze accounting results

Every company needs perspectives for the future. For this, it is necessary to be rigorous with the present to perceive flaws and points of improvement. Without criticality and problem solving, there is no growth.

3 – Perform tasks manually

It is necessary to get out of the past and adapt to the dynamism of the present. Using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, invoice issuers and tools to automate marketing are fundamental for processes and results to become faster.

4 – Do not do tax planning

Tax planning allows your company to find the best conditions and deadlines in the payment of taxes, in addition to always being legal.

See also: https://conmax.com.br/5-dicas-para-o-seu-planejamento-tributario-2022-2/

5 – Do not have control of invoices

The lack of control of invoices causes serious problems of penalties before the tax inspection bodies. Accountability can’t become a problem for your business.

Conmax Corporate Solutions helps you not to make accounting mistakes!

Headquartered in Fortaleza and São Paulo, but acting directly in several states of the country, we are sure to be adding value to new customers, helping them through business accounting to further develop their business. We have a team composed of more than 25 professionals of higher level, continuously trained and specialized in various areas of activity.

Be another company positively impacted by our service. Our service channels are ready to serve you.

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