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4 lies they tell you about hiring an accounting firm

In the corporate environment, accounting is essential for the success of every business. The reason for this is that hiring an accounting firm guarantees several benefits and competitive advantages for companies. Despite this, there are several myths and untruths that surround this market segment and may end up influencing managers to take controversial decisions on the subject.

We’ve selected the top 4 lies that you are told about accounting firms and to know them just keep reading below.

1 – “An accounting office only generates unnecessary expenses for the company”

An accounting firm can do just the opposite. Through Tax Consulting it is possible to correct errors and inconsistencies related to taxes and choose other tax regimes that generate less expenses for your company. Furthermore, with Tax Planning you can plan and optimize your company’s expenses, as well as the entire financial flow of your business.

2 – “Accounting is just math and I can do it myself”

Accounting goes far beyond mathematics, it also involves ethics, planning and strategic reasoning. Thus, the accounting professional must be organized to be able to perform services beyond the financial management of your company, and may also work with labor accounting consultancy and HR management.

3 – “An outsourced accounting firm will not give my company due importance”

Contrary to popular belief, an accounting firm is easily able to deal with several clients simultaneously because it is constantly dealing with the organization of processes all the time.

Furthermore, when you have an accounting firm, you also have all the expertise it accumulates in dealing with different clients over its years, which would not be possible with an in-house accounting department dealing exclusively with your company.

4 – “An accounting firm has nothing to add to the process of creating my company”

There are those who believe that the accounting firm is only able to help companies that are already in the market. However, one of the services offered is the economic and financial feasibility study. While financial feasibility estimates the investment needed to get your company off the ground, such as capital, income, income, disbursement and expenses, economic feasibility is responsible for studying the cost-benefit ratio of the investment, stipulating whether it is safe and economically viable, preventing you from investing in a company that will not bring you the expected result or that will provide meager profits.

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