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Avoid the exclusion of your company in Simples Nacional

If your company has tax debts, it is necessary to keep an eye out so that it is not excluded from the National Simple Regime. Micro and small companies that choose this framework, obtain a series of advantages, mainly in relation to the value and form of payment of taxes.

In the month of September of this year, more than 255 thousand companies were notified by tax agencies for overdue debts. In this way, if you do not regularize your situation, you are excluded from January 1, 2023 from Simples Nacional.

In the following article, you will find out everything about this tax regime so you don’t run the risk of being excluded from the program and having your business harmed.


What is Simple Nacional?

Simples Nacional is a tax regime aimed at micro and small companies. Its main objective is to reduce bureaucracy and costs for small businesses, providing a unified tax collection system, simplifying the issuance of declarations, among other utilities.
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You can register for Simple Nacional:

Just access the Portal do Simples Nacional to follow everything related to your company’s taxes and fiscal situation.

Reasons for excluding your company from Simples Nacional

The exclusion of Simples Nacional can be done by several factors. Registration errors, lack of documents, excess invoicing, tax debts, open installments, performance in activities not allowed in the regime, volume of purchases and general expenses that exceed 80% of the invoicing, are the main reasons that cause the exclusion of companies .

Billing Limit

To remain in Simples Nacional, your company cannot exceed the billing limit. Your business can earn up to R$4.8 million annually.

Legal Entity Partner

A company that is part of Simples Nacional cannot have a legal entity as a partner. Only individuals can participate. However, if the corporate structure changes with a company classified in Simples, the exclusion will be made.


To be part of Simples Nacional, the company cannot have debts with the INSS or the Federal Revenue. If there is any debt, the company that is already in Simples Nacional can also be excluded. The solution is to try to settle all pending issues to prevent the unwanted from happening.

Simples Nacional is a better option for micro and small companies. If it is not possible to comply with the commitments, your business may be prevented from participating in bids and will also be included in the Union’s Active Debt. The CNPJ gets dirty in the square and taxes are increasing every day.

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